Heritage School Building Restoration Program

Project Information
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The objectives of the initiative are: (1) to make history come alive for teachers and students by recycling historic structures not as ivory-tower museums but as classrooms and laboratories for everyday use; and (2) The program projects heritage as touching all aspects of daily life, not as an irrelevant, elitist notion as the common misconception has it

Year Started: 
Research Method(s): 

• DepEd and HCS will identify and restore one heritage schoolhouse in each region of the country

• HCS will then organize a consulting team to provide the restoration and technical expertise and oversee the restoration together with DepEd engineers.

Geographical Coverage


Implementing Body
Implementing Body: 
Department of Education and Heritage Conservation Society
Address of Implementing Body: 

G/F Museo Pambata Building, Roxas Boulevard

Ermita Manila, Philippines

Project Director: 
Jonathan Malaya, Chairman of the Taskforce
Phone Number: 
632 521 2239
Source(s) of Research Funds
Funding Agency: 
Department of Education and Heritage Conservation Society
Research Output(s)
Other Output(s): 

COMPLETED: Rizal Elementary School (Bacolod City), Baguio Central School (Baguio City); Pampanga High School (City of San Fernando); ONGOING: Teachers' Camp (Baguio City); Zamboanga Elementary School (Zamboanga City)

Evaluation of Research Initiative